The East Savannah Gateway


Creating a Community of Choice

The East Savannah Gateway, encompassing the demolished Robert Hitch Village and Fred Wessels Homes public housing sites and the surrounding area, is a combination of the assets and challenges that the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative was designed to address: Housing, People, and Neighborhood. Historically the area, and Hitch-Wessels in particular, fell “outside the grid” in terms of the physical connection to the historically dominant street pattern, outside the dynamic flow of economic activity, and outside the retail and commercial jobs and services that enhance mobility. This marginalization is reflected in the concentration of poverty, extremely low-income population, and high housing vacancy rate combined with a significant need for quality affordable housing. The area neighborhoods count several under-performing schools and little community resources.

However, while the East Savannah Gateway is an area that has long been outside of the grid, it is full of innate qualities waiting to be realized and a community with a strong spirit. The goal of the planning process has been and will continue to be a multifaceted, holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization, focusing on the needs of the entire East Savannah community; recognizing that true revitalization only comes through collaboration.


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The East Savannah Gateway encompasses eight neighborhoods, including six multi-family developments:

  • Robert Hitch Village
  • Fred Wessels Homes
  • Edgar Blackshear Homes
  • Benjamin Van Clark Park Neighborhood
  • Ashley Midtown & The Veranda
  • Savannah Gardens
  • Twickenham
  • Gordonston


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  • W.W. Law Center, 900 E. Bolton Street
  • Savannah Entrepreneurial Center, 801 E. Gwinnett Street
  • Eastside Golden Age Center,409 Goebel Avenue
  • HAS Neighborhood Resource Center, 1407 Wheaton Street

Area Schools

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The area includes five neighborhood schools:

  1. Spencer Elementary School, 100 Bouhan Avenue
  2. Hubert Middle School, 768 Grant Street
  3. East Broad Street School, 400 E. Broad Street
  4. Shuman Elementary School, 415 Goebel Avenue
  5. School of Liberal Arts at Savannah High School
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